Ring Automotive

Power Packs

Fullform conducted market analysis accompanied by evidence-based research to understand where the pain points lie with competitor units. This enabled key areas for improvement to be identified.

Using insights taken from the research to build upon the functionality of the original power packs resulted in a greatly improved, compact and cohesive unit. For improved clarity, the central controls, lamp, compressor and power inputs were relocated to the front facia of the unit, where they had been spread across multiple surfaces on the preceding design. This gives the user the ability to illuminate the work area and have all the features to hand. Large pockets were designed into each side of the unit to house the jump leads and conceal the crocodile clips when not in use.

Competitor power pack designs impose high price tags for cheap, low quality units. Fullform ensured design integrity was maintained throughout both function and aesthetics. The design language and features realised in the final design were implemented across the Ring Automotive battery care range, helping to safeguard the company’s reputation for quality and reliability in the automotive accessory marketplace.