Ring Automotive

Jump Starters

Fullform were asked to collaborate with Ring Automotive’s NPD team to develop their new range of lithium-ion automotive jump starters, compatible with vehicles up to 2.0 litre and up to 3.0 litre.

Focusing on brand language, Fullform developed a wide array of concepts to enclose a pre-determined set of internal components. Once presented to Ring, Fullform developed the 3D sruface level CAD work for the chosen set of concepts.

The result was a powerful, safe and compact Lithium Cobalt jump starter, ideal for small to medium cars and vans up to 3.0 litre. The units also provide power to recharge electronic gadgets such as mobile phones. The compact design fits easily into a vehicle glove box, without compromising power output.

To find more about the RPPL range, visit the Ring Automotive website