Qi, pronounced ‘Chi’, is a unique and elegant self-heating disposable baby bottle concept, designed by Fullform to provide a thoughtful and practical way to feed your baby on the go and on demand.

By combining the convenience of ready-made formula with an integrated heating system Qi provides parents with the independence to maintain ritual feeding patterns with minimum hassle.  An innovative design hygienically preserves ready-made formula. When required, the formula can be safely heated with a simple twist of the base, to deliver a warm and satisfying feed when on the go, or in an emergency.

A simple twist of the bottle base adjusts the heat, enabling full control of the temperature, so a warm feed can be safely delivered while on the go or in an emergency. Both teat and formula are kept separate in foil sealed sterile sections, permitting storage for up to twelve months. The Qi product range comes in a variety of formulas, flow rates and sizes for infants from six months to two years.