At Fullform, we specialise in seamlessly transitioning from design concept to market, ensuring efficient manufacturing and production.

In the manufacturing stage (DFM), our focus is on proactive problem-solving and quality assurance from a technical perspective. We streamline production processes to reduce delays and maintaining high standards – all to achieve successful product launches and exceed expectations.

Manfuacturing Expertise

Fullform's extensive experience in various manufacturing techniques shapes the foundation of our design approach.

At Fullform, our expertise in product design is bolstered by our extensive experience in manufacturing technologies, such as injection molding, die casting, blow molding, and sheet metal fabrication. We skillfully balance the intricacies of tool architecture and build them into the design, managing complex projects that involve numerous components and large-scale assemblies, ensuring the delivery of functional, aesthetic, and manufacturable solutions.

Technical Drawings

We harness the power of 2D technical drawings.

We leverage 2D technical drawings and BOMs to highlight key manufacturing tolerances, define assembly and process methods, and strictly define the colour, material and finish (CMF) of every component – giving you full control of the manufacturing process.

2D technical drawings are essential for accurate product manufacturing. Our process involves detailing every aspect of a product’s design, from its dimensions and tolerances to material specifications. These drawings serve as a critical communication tool between our designers and manufacturers, ensuring each part is produced exactly to specification. With a focus on technical accuracy and clarity, our drawings streamline the manufacturing process, preventing costly errors and ensuring quality in every component we design.

Manufacturer Liason

Fullform excels in enhancing manufacturing processes with our expert liaison services, ensuring a smooth, efficient route through production.

We deeply understand the crucial role of supplier and manufacturer liaison in product development. Our team actively collaborates with all manufacturers and suppliers to streamline the production process to their needs.

With a wealth of experience in overseeing manufacturing stages, including on-site visits both locally and internationally, we ensure everything aligns perfectly with the original design intent and specification.

Our involvement drastically reduces lead time, removes potential manufacturing errors and optimises the tool making and production process, embodying our commitment to delivering quality products efficiently and effectively.

Sample Inspection

Fullform specialises in conducting detailed sample inspections to guarantee each product meets our high standards of quality and functionality.

Our sample inspection rigorously tests and evaluates parts manufactured through processes like injection molding. We focus on ensuring the fit of each part, its functionality, and tolerance are up to our high standards.

While minimising alterations is key, our team adeptly identifies and corrects any production issues, enhancing the overall quality and precision of the manufacturing process. This vital step guarantees that every manufactured component aligns flawlessly with our design intentions and meets our stringent quality criteria.