Concept Design

At Fullform, we excel in creating groundbreaking concept designs rooted in solid principles.

We are an established Product Design agency in Sheffield that focus on developing innovative product design, with a strong focus on developing feasible, manufacturable concepts from the earliest stages of the product design process.

We ensure each project balances creativity with practicality for real-world applications, minimising risk and maximising investment.

Market Research & User Analysis

Unearth the secrets of the market with Fullform's comprehensive market research and user analysis services, guiding you towards strategic product success.

As a renowned product design consultancy in Sheffield, we excel in thorough market research and user analysis, a vital step for developing products that resonate with market trends.

Our specialised strategy focusses on identifying current market dynamics, comprehending consumer needs, and highlighting opportunities for enhancement in existing products. Integrating these insights with our progressive design methodology, we ensure your product achieves distinction in the market and fulfills user expectations based on merit.

Concept Generation

Fullform specialises in the art of concept generation, where creativity meets practicality to revolutionise your product's future.

At Fullform, we specialise in offering class leading product design and innovation. Our concept generation process is designed to transform your new product into market-ready solutions.

We create diverse concepts, each with a unique style and aesthetic that not only enhances your brand but also optimises user experience. Balancing innovative design with practical manufacturing, our approach is focused on developing feasible, high-quality and cost-effective product concepts.

Every design we propose is a blend of creativity, functionality, and manufacturability – tailored to redefine market standards and elevate your product’s appeal.

Concept Refinement

Fullform is dedicated to meticulously refining your chosen product concept, ensuring it achieves its full potential in both functionality and design.

A thorough concept refinement phase can make or break a project. Here, functionality and aesthetics are enhanced further, diving deeper into the details to ensure a smooth road to market.

Our process includes integrating features from multiple initial concepts, exploring various colour schemes, and unveiling branding possibilities – ensuring the final design is not only visually striking, but also functionally superior.

This stage is crucial in perfecting the product for market readiness, aligning with both brand identity and consumer expectations.