Our approach

Our four-phase design process has been crafted and refined over 20 years. We navigate our clients through a logical journey of exploration, development and improvement – arriving at an outstanding product, ready for market.

Our process and approach are underpinned by experience and insight and driven by curiosity, creativity and engineering excellence. This leads us to solutions that are a precise balance of form and function, user experience and technological innovation.


Creating clarity and confidence in your vision

Be informed. It is important to understand how your product will fit into the market and meet user needs. We carry out viability assessments and scour the market to identify gaps and competitors. We review relevant safety and compliance standards, identify user pain points and assess existing products through reverse engineering. These insights provide clarity and opportunities to move your ideas forward.


Fully exploring the form and function of your design

Be inspired. We blend creativity and technical knowledge to craft a range of unique and innovative design solutions that balance form, function and ergonomics. Every concept we present is grounded in sound manufacturing principles, and are hand crafted to meet your specific needs.


Engineering every detail to fully realise your design

Be confident. We thoroughly design and develop every detail of your chosen concept to maximise manufacturing and production efficiency. Rigorous prototype testing and refinement ensures your product is a robust, manufacturable representation of your vision.


Expertly leading through production and assembly

Be market-ready. Our oversight streamlines the production process. We unify all manufacturing partners to align with your vision, ensuring quality, aesthetics, functionality, and design intent is maintained throughout tooling design, trials and assembly – leading you to the best version of your final product.