KeyGlory asked Fullform to modernise their Saga bingo machine range under the new Wingo Brand name. It was essential that the new designs improved the supply chain and reduced the number of components, whilst also phasing out old technologies and processes.

The format of the unit was established early in the design process. It was important that the design featured large, clear displays on both the front and rear, with the latter being angled towards the operator. With the layout and proportions of the design established, Fullform had the challenge of developing an appropriate design language for the device.

The outer surfaces and internal details were modelled in 3D CAD, with the PCBs, and front and rear lenses mounting onto an internal frame which is then snaps into the base. This configuration enabled rapid and robust assembly while ensuring easy access for maintenance.

Fullform continue to support KeyGlory by overseeing manufacture as well as providing promotional materials, instructions and packaging designs for major catalogue stores and online retail outlets.

You can find more information on the Wingo here – KeyGlory Website