Chalkie & Chalkie+

KeyGlory asked Fullform to modernise their range of products by increasing functionality and improving styling while reducing assembly and manufacturing costs. The brief demanded the creation of a professional family of products to compete with cheap imports and take advantage of new market growth by introducing modern gaming features and unique modes.

A full end to end design service optimised the design to generate an assembly cost saving of over 60% compared to KeyGlory’s existing product line. This saving gave KeyGlory the opportunity to penetrate the European gaming market, resulting in a new market order increase of 30%.

Alongside this, KeyGlory also achieved a 30% increase in ancillary product sales since launch in both US and European markets.

Fullform continue to support KeyGlory by overseeing manufacture, as well as providing promotional materials, instructions and packaging designs for major catalogue stores and online retail outlets. Thanks to the new range of products, Keyglory experienced a 25% turnover increase in the year of launch.

You can find more information on the Chalkie here – Keyglory Dart Scorers