Ring Automotive

MAGFlex Inspection Lights

Fullform, in partnership with Ring Automotive, developed the versatile MAGFlex range.

Designed to cater to Ring’s diverse client base specifically, the range includes a compact and a large inspection light, a foldable/flip-out light, and a headtorch, each embodying ergonomic and adaptable designs.

This approach involved creating a range of concepts, each reflecting unique brand identities under Ring’s portfolio, while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. The result is a functional, visually appealing product line that resonates across a broad spectrum of professional users.

You can find the MAGFlex range available for purchase here – Ring Automotive Website

Trio of black handheld flashlights in various sizes, all featuring yellow LED light strips and ergonomic buttons, exemplifying innovative product design and cohesive industrial design language.
Collection of four black handheld flashlights, highlighting different sizes and designs with consistent yellow LED light strips and ergonomic features, representing advanced product development in industrial design.
Close-up of a black square-shaped portable LED work light with a yellow LED strip, highlighting compact and robust industrial design for versatile usage in various environments.
Mechanic using a handheld inspection lamp to work on a vehicle's wheel assembly.
Hand holding a black handheld LED work light by its hook, showcasing its portability and ergonomic design for efficient use in various industrial settings.
Close-up view of a black handheld LED flashlight with a yellow light strip, showcasing detailed industrial design elements including a sleek, modern aesthetic and practical functionality.
Close-up of a black flashlight handle featuring a power button and magnetic base, illustrating the integration of functional industrial design elements for improved user experience.
Sleek black handheld LED flashlight standing upright, featuring a narrow yellow LED strip and modern industrial design for precise lighting in professional environments.
Hand holding a sleek black handheld inspection light, featuring ergonomic grip and bright LED light, exemplifying user-centric industrial design for ease of use and functionality.
Front view of a compact black LED flashlight with a blue power button, demonstrating minimalist design and ergonomic considerations in industrial product development.
Mechanic inspecting a car engine with a slim inspection lamp, ensuring all parts are in order.
Close-up of the RING brand logo on a black strap, demonstrating branding and product design elements in the context of industrial design.
Man wearing a headlamp while working on a project, focused on his task.
Close-up of a black portable LED work light with a yellow LED strip and blue power button, showcasing the compact and functional design for versatile use in various industrial applications.