Nightblazr is an innovative adaptable cycling accessory, designed to improve rider visibility in low light levels. Suitable for the commuter and the enthusiast, the flexible wearable fits to the rider’s existing bike helmet to provide 360 degree illumination that increases the visibility of the wearer. The soft touch user controls are ergonomically mounted to key zones for ease of access and intuitive control.

Traditional bike lights and worn lighting accessories provide illumination in a specific direction. This directional visibility is a limiting factor for safety, increasing the risk of incident if a third party object is outside the beam angle.

The Nightblazr wearable achieves 360 degrees of illumination through its dual coloured high intensity light pipes, which also indicate the cyclist’s direction of travel. To fit with the conventions of existing front and rear facing bike lights, the Nightblazr emits white light at the front of the helmet, with red light towards the rear.

You can find more information on Nightblazr’s helmet light here – Nightblazr Website