Salacia is a range of bathroom furniture concepts by Fullform which explore the boundaries of modern bathroom design through innovative material and production techniques.

Fullform’s designers bring together a blend of sleek and organic aesthetic inspirations. The dynamic, flowing forms and light, delicate stature bear the resemblance of pouring water, while portraying luxury and elegance.  The charcoal stained ‘3D veneer’ basin creates a striking contrast with the clean white Cristalplant frames.

Cristalplant’s durability, recyclability, and restorability make it highly suited for applications in bathroom environments. Moreover, this unique material can be cut and glued when manufactured, allowing the creation of sculptural pieces of furniture without split lines.

Close-up of a futuristic wall-mounted toilet and an elegant pedestal sink with a wood and white finish. The toilet and sink have a sleek, modern design and are placed against a white wall.