Q. How much will it cost to develop my product?

Because products come in all different shapes and sizes with various functional requirements and levels of complexity, it isn’t possible to give an estimate of cost without looking into each project in detail. For this reason, we recommend that you give us a call to discuss the project in detail.

Q. What do you need to know to give me a quotation?

We ask lots of questions to do your project justice and ensure we have the best chance of delivering an outstanding product. You can download our guide here to help you provide the right information. We like to discuss the project within the team to better understand how we can help you and pull on our combined resources.

Q. At what point in my project should I contact you?

We are well positioned to get involved at the very beginning of a project or part way through. Our 4-phase process allows us to offer a wide range of services from initial product feasibility to manufacturing handover. For every project, we provide a bespoke project proposal outlining the phases and stages that are relevant to your project, estimated project lead times and an itemized quotation.

Q. Will I own all the intellectual property created during the project?

Yes, all intellectual property produced during the project will be assigned over to you upon completion of the contract.

Q. How do I know my idea is safe?

We have a non-disclosure agreement that can be downloaded here. This is a two-way document that ensures that elements relating to your project are not discussed with a third party. This can be signed before you provide any information about the project.

Q. How long will it take to develop my product?

We work on a wide range of projects of which the lead times can vary from a few weeks to several months and even years depending on complexity and project scale. We provide an estimation of project lead times within our project proposal document.

Q. Can you make a prototype of my product?

Yes, we have in house prototyping facilities and can provide prototypes of varying levels of quality, to prove out functional elements and/or communicate colour, material and finish. We generally recommend a prototype is made for every product.

Q. Can you support the development all the way to manufacture?

Yes, we can develop the product to the point of handover to a manufacturing partner and can arrange production of final parts.