Crowd Funding – A Helping Hand

Crowd Funding – A Helping Hand

How Design Consultancies Can Help Your Crowd Funding


Projects ranging from the highest highs to the lowest lows, crowdfunding sites have supported them all. Projects and products in all shapes and sizes thrown into the ether and left exposed to the criticism of the market, for better or worse. The fact crowdfunding sites are becoming more frequently used by a wider audience presents another problem, how to stand out from the ever growing crowd and increase chances of success. This article will explore how your campaign can reach success with the help of a Product Design Consultancy.


Finding Your Style


Product Design Consultancies specialise in the creation of products day in day out, and deal across a variety of markets, sectors, materials and products. Liaising with a design consultancy at the earliest design stages can bring about a whole host of benefits to your product’s campaign. The earlier stages may involve concept design generation in the form of visual styling, material, colour and finish exploration to create visuals of an exciting looking product. These attributes are key to generating initial interest in your product.



Presentation & Communication


Presentation and communication is key to any worthy crowdfunding campaign, there is often heavy use of imagery and video to support your idea in order to showcase your concept in the best light possible. 3D prototypes can be a great way of achieving this, giving the opportunity to photograph and film your concept in context to generate the required marketing material needed to stir up excitement among your audience. Product Designers are able to build the 3D CAD (computer aided design) files required to build stunning prototypes.


The Nuts and Bolts


Many campaigns fall at these later stages of the process, where the product has been over promised and risks under delivery due to manufacturing complications. Working with a team of design experts brings forward in-depth knowledge of manufacture design. Understanding the long list of manufacturing processes, fixing methods and assembly complications ensures the design remains true to form at the later stages of the process. This is the result of foresight, as the designers consider these points in the earlier stages to ensure compromises are minimised in the pursuit of realising your product. This, of course, is all a form of mitigating risk for yourself and your potential future backers to whom you wish to deliver a high quality item. Having a team in your corner who understands the complications associated with the late game process is one of the keys to successful delivery.




Finally, one of the biggest benefits consultants can bring to the table is experience. They can help manage expectations in a multitude of ways. They can offer guidance on time frames, identify potential costs of various production routes and reduce manufacturing costs through clever design to name but a few. All of which is information you can use to generate a cohesive business plan to communicate to your backers.

In summary, having a team of designers on your side can help bring out the best in idea and bring your product into reality with the minimum numbers of hitches. They specialise in foreseeing the future problems you may face and equip you with the sword to overcome them to increase your chances of success.