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New Product Development Survey

14th May 2024

Self Reflection   In the world of selling products, one thing remains constant: change. As companies strive to stay ahead in their respective industries, the evolution of products stands as a cornerstone for success. However, within the Product Design development process, there lies an often-overlooked step that holds immense potential for growth: Reflection. More specifically, […]


Fullform – A New Era.

18th March 2024

Fullfrom Rebrand   We are thrilled to announce a monumental milestone in our journey – today marks the dawn of a new era as we transition from HJC Design to Fullform. This transformation goes beyond mere semantics; it embodies our evolution, values, and the trajectory we envision for the future. While HJC served us well, […]


Revolutionising Everyday Objects

8th February 2024

At the core of redefining product design is the principle of user-centered design (UCD). This approach emphasizes the importance of understanding the users’ needs, behaviors, and aspirations from the very beginning of the design process. By putting the user at the heart of product development, Fullform ensures that the final product is not just innovative […]